Overclocking III launches K4 challenger radiator

According to the official news of Overclocking 3, the new K4 Challenger radiator is now available, equipped with a large 13cm fan and four 6mm heat pipes, and the price starts from 99 yuan.

K4 Challenger is a flagship 4 heat pipe tower air-cooled radiator, equipped with the industry's first "13CM" size large fan, the newly developed "super anti-gravity heat pipe, and the third-generation polymer HDT base, also available in black and white colors. K4 uses a special process to seamlessly aggregate the 4 heat pipes of the base and keep the heat pipe part in the same size as the CPU surface. All 4 heat pipes can transfer the heat of the CPU to the heat pipe part at the fastest speed. Compared with the ordinary heat pipe direct contact, pure copper The heat transfer efficiency of the welded base is faster.

Officially, the performance of the K4 can easily suppress the silent frequency and overclocking heat of Intel's 12th/13th generation i5 and AMD R5 processors.

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