Pokémon developer mentions next-gen hardware Nintendo Switch Pro expected next year

As the majority of The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears and Pokémon: Zhu/Purple players have been looking forward to, the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro or Switch 2 has once again begun to move.

A Nintendo subsidiary that focuses on the development of Pokémon content has once again released ruthless news that the development of the next Nintendo console is already well underway, sparking speculation about the new NS.

Pokemon developer Creatures Co., Ltd. mentioned next-gen hardware/next-gen hardware in a new job listing for the Japanese division released earlier this week and started recruiting "next-gen hardware" Research and development" workers, with an estimated annual income of 5 million to 6 million yen.

Although there are no details about this next-generation hardware, considering that the company, as one of the main shareholders of Pokémon Company, has been involved in the production of Pokémon series card games, toys, and video games for many years, they are definitely capable Got internal information from Nintendo.

Whether the next-gen hardware mentioned in the announcement refers to a completely upgraded new machine or the previously rumored high-end revision of the Switch Pro, this development once again shows that Nintendo is indeed working on something beyond its current console. In addition, the retirement of the company's Wii U and 3DS is only a few months away, and it is expected that the new work will only support the Switch platform from March next year.

Following the Switch Lite in 2019 and the Switch OLED model in 2021, rumors of a high-end version of the Nintendo Switch have been on the rise in recent years, which we can call the Switch Pro for the time being.

While the Switch Pro rumors have yet to be fully confirmed, multiple industry whistleblowers are adamant that Nintendo will release another console in the not-too-distant future. For example, Bloomberg previously broke the news that a 4K version of the Switch Pro game console is in development and supports DLSS, but Nintendo said its information is completely incorrect.

However, the base of the Nintendo Switch OLED does support 4K quality output, although the console itself does not. At present, the widespread speculation on the Internet is that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be equipped with a new Nvidia Tegra chip, equipped with more memory, and support 4K output.

In the previously leaked NVIDIA DLSS source code, there is indeed a shadow of Nintendo's next-generation console, and there are also documents that mention T239. Since NVN is the API used to develop Switch, NVN2 probably refers to Switch 2, while NVNDLSS refers to the DLSS function of Switch, implying that Switch 2 supports the DLSS function.

The Twitter user kopite7kimi who often broke the news of NVIDIA also said that the T239 is the Soc used by the new generation of Switch, code-named Drake.

The most famous of these revelations is naturally what @Moore's Law is Dead revealed. He said that developers have already got the new Switch development kit, and Nintendo may release a new Switch console within 6 months.

The latest version of the Switch is the OLED version, equipped with a 7-inch OLED screen, equipped with 64G built-in storage, handheld mode supports up to 720P / 60 frames, and TV mode is still 1080P / 60 frames.

Of course, nothing has been officially announced or revealed by Nintendo so far. However, considering that the same is true before the release of NS OLED.

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