Samsung and LG Display are developing XR device panels

Analysts and research institutions generally expect that there will be a variety of MR or XR devices launched in the next two years, including the long-rumored Apple headset, which is expected to start in the first quarter of next year. Mass production, others include Sony PlayStation VR2 and Google headset.

A large number of XR equipment has been launched, and the scale of the global XR equipment market is expected to continue to grow in the next few years. Relevant component manufacturers are also preparing for the growth of this market to supply suitable components and take the lead.

The latest reports show that Samsung Display and LG Display, the two major panel makers, are developing panels for XR devices.

Judging from foreign media reports, Samsung Display and LG Display are currently concentrating on the development of micro-displays for XR equipment. Among them, Samsung Display is developing micro OLED and micro-LED panel technologies at the same time. The goals of mass production and commercialization are respectively In 2024 and 2026; LG Display is focusing on micro OLED technology. They have recently achieved a resolution of 3500 pixels on a 0.42-inch silicon-based OELD, and are expected to start supplying companies such as Apple next year.

Micro OLED and micro-LED, two technologies that combine display and semiconductor, are also the two technologies that are most concerned by the XR display industry. LEDs and OLEDs are deposited on silicon wafers instead of existing glass, and plastic display substrates.

While to achieve the high level of immersion required for XR devices, high pixel and high brightness displays need to be light in weight, microdisplays are very small in size but allow for fine processing, making them a suitable panel technology for XR devices, especially for glasses class of XR devices.

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