SK Nexilis Has Developed High Elongation Copper Foil for 4680 Cylindrical Batteries

Copper foil produced by SK Nexilis

SK Nexilis announced that it has completed the development of a high-elongation V-shaped copper foil for the next-generation large-capacity cylindrical battery 4680. The company said on the 13th that the elongation rate of the newly developed V-shaped copper foil is more than 30% higher than that of other products, and it has passed customer evaluations. The foil is expected to be supplied to customers after mass production evaluation.

SK nexilis (formerly KCFT) is a global secondary battery and display material company specializing in the manufacture of battery cathode core materials, with the world's most advanced copper foil technology. In October last year, the company produced the world's thinnest 4㎛ ultra-thin copper foil roll, with a width of 1.4m and a length of 30Km, the longest in the world.

Everyone should be familiar with the 4680 battery. This is a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 46mm and a length of 80mm. The energy density and output of this new battery are 5 to 6 times higher than the existing 2170 battery.

The high elongation V copper foil of SK Nexilis solves the problem of the expansion of the negative electrode material during the charging and discharging process of the battery and is suitable for cylindrical secondary batteries. Due to the battery structure, secondary batteries tend to exhibit relatively strong swelling problems, while large-capacity cylindrical batteries, such as 4680 batteries, generally require copper foils with very high elongation.

The industry predicts that by 2030, the cylindrical battery market will center on high-capacity products, with an average annual growth rate of 23 times. Copper foil for cylindrical batteries will also increase rapidly from 43,000 tons in 2022 to 230,000 tons in 2030.

As a result, demand for SK Nexilis' high-elongation V-shaped copper foil is also expected to increase significantly. Previously, SK Nexilis successfully obtained the mass production technology of ultra-high-strength U-shaped copper foil with a tensile strength of 65kgf/㎟ for the first time in the industry, forming a complete product line of high-strength copper foil.

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