Smartway launches high-end ADAS application 8.3MP high-resolution car-grade image sensor SC850AT

CMOS image sensor supplier SmartSens recently launched a new 8.3MP car-grade image sensor-SC850AT. The new product adopts SmartClarity-2 imaging technology architecture and upgraded self-developed Raw domain algorithm, combined with SFCPixel, PixGain HDR patented technology, LFS technology, etc., to bring high resolution, high sensitivity, 140dB high dynamic range, and excellent LED Improved flicker suppression performance, etc. In addition, as a new product of the Automotive Sensor (AT) Series, the SC850AT is developed based on the ASIL-D functional safety process and meets AEC-Q100 Grade 2 and functional safety ISO 26262 ASIL B level requirements. It is updated with high performance, high reliability, and high safety. It caters well to the needs of the automotive market for high-resolution ADAS / AD vision solutions.

In order to ensure driving safety, the onboard camera must have the ability to obtain high-quality image information in scenes with a large contrast between light and dark such as backlighting or tunnel entrances and exits. SC850AT has an ultra-high dynamic range of 140dB, which ensures that it still has the ability to accurately capture the details of bright and dark parts under complex lighting conditions.

In addition to supporting Staggered HDR, SC850AT also supports Smart's unique PixGain HDR technology, through the combination of High Gain (high conversion gain) and Low Gain (low conversion gain) dual images under the same frame exposure, supplemented by dual pixel special The design can effectively avoid motion artifacts caused by HDR synthesis during high-speed driving, and ensure that the image sensor can capture more accurate image information while achieving an ultra-high dynamic range of 140dB, further meeting the needs of automotive high-end ADAS / AD App's upgraded HDR requirements.

As the core component of high-level intelligent driving, the vehicle image sensor needs to face the key challenge of suppressing the "flicker" of LED lights. SC850AT is equipped with LFS technology (LED flicker suppression technology) independently developed by Smartway. While maintaining the normal exposure time of some pixels, it uses a unique process design to extend the exposure time of specific pixels to cover the LED flicker frequency, and finally obtain an image without LED flicker for excellent LED flicker suppression, and help ADAS / AD system to accurately judge LED traffic lights and car lights...etc.

The SC850AT launched by Smartway has a high resolution of 8.3 million pixels, which can help the vehicle-mounted ADAS front-view camera achieve a detection distance of up to 200 meters, and observe smaller objects from a longer distance. Better meet the upgrade needs of vehicle ADAS perception applications.

At the same time, in terms of night vision full-color imaging, based on SmartClarity-2 technology, with the support of SmartClarity-2 patented technology and high conversion gain technology under PixGain technology, SC850AT can also achieve clear pictures in low-light environments at night.

On the other hand, relying on Smartway's innovative ultra-low noise peripheral readout circuit technology and upgraded color technology, the pixel response non-uniformity (PRNU) and electrical crosstalk (Blooming) can be significantly improved, respectively reduced to 0.8% and 1 % or less, it can effectively control the imaging noise and the phenomenon of the peripheral overflow of night lights, so that ADAS / AD cameras can have more detailed and more realistic imaging effects, enabling low-light application scenarios for night driving.

In order to achieve better imaging quality, the SC850AT has also undergone a new upgrade at the on-chip algorithm level. For Raw domain algorithms, the new generation of on-chip algorithms not only retains the advantages of basic algorithms such as dead pixel correction (DPC), black level correction (BLC), lens shading correction (LSC), and color correction (CCM) but also focuses on optimizing the reduction Algorithms such as noise and HDR fusion can more effectively protect image details and improve image effects as a whole.

Smartway obtained the ISO 26262:2018 automotive functional safety process ASIL D certification on November 8, which means that Smartway is improving the vehicle safety development system and process, creating advanced car-level chips, and promoting the smart car industry. Quality development and other aspects have achieved practical results.

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