Sony 4K handheld camcorder PXW-Z280V releases V6.0 firmware

According to Sony’s official announcement, Sony’s 4K handheld camcorder PXW-Z280V has ushered in the V6.0 firmware update program.

The Sony PXW-Z280 professional camera uses 1/2-inch 3CMOS imaging, supports shooting 4K images with a resolution of 3840*2160, is equipped with infinitely variable ND filters, and supports 4K resolution 4:2:2 10bit. Make the picture more delicate and the color transition smoother. Supports 17x optical zoom and supports face detection autofocus. Compared with the previous version V5.0, the new version V6.0 firmware has the following upgrades and improvements:

Enhanced C3P cloud platform collaboration support (this service is temporarily unavailable in mainland China)

  • Support the management of the camera (all files) based on the C3P cloud platform.
  • You can upload (All Files) from the camera or download them from C3P, and then use various camera configuration settings.
  • Support automatic upload of material files in the memory card

In the PXW-Z280V V5.0 version, the user can upload the specified material file to the C3P cloud platform through manual selection in the camera. The V6.0 version has improved this ability of PXW-Z280V, which will allow users to set material files to be automatically uploaded to the C3P cloud platform. In this way, after each material file is packaged and dropped into the memory card, it can be captured by the camera and entered into the automatic upload queue.

Added support for audio level CH1 / CH2 and CH3 / CH4 monitoring group switching function

With the gradual advancement of the 4K production and broadcasting process in the domestic radio and television industry, many radio and television organizations need to record four-channel materials or output four-channel audio and video signals. Usually, domestic radio and television technical production standards require that the simultaneous sound of the interview be placed on the 3/4 channel. Previously, because the PXW-Z280V only supported the display of 1/2-channel audio signal level in the shooting monitoring screen, it was impossible to monitor the level of 3/4-channel audio while shooting, which brought great inconvenience to users’ daily work. caused a lot of inconveniences. I sincerely apologize for this.

Sony has listened to user suggestions and tried its best to meet today's increasingly diverse professional production needs through firmware upgrades. When PXW-Z280V is upgraded to V6.0, you can select CH1 / CH2 or CH3 / CH4 through the camera menu (Audio) - (Audio Output) - (Monitor CH) for visual level monitoring.

Support assignable buttons to be defined as audio level monitoring group switching function

It is sometimes a little complicated to switch the monitoring audio level channel through the menu, so on this basis, add the use of assignable buttons, and intuitively click to switch the audio level, and a monitoring group.

After upgrading PXW-Z280V to V6.0, you can assign two assignable buttons as [Audio Monitor CH] and (Audio Monitor CH switch) in (System) - (Assignable Button) menu to directly switch the monitoring group of the audio level.

Expand the number of metadata files displayed in the plan

The PXW-Z280V V6.0 firmware increases the maximum number of planned metadata files displayed by the camera from 64 to 512.

Add (S&Q Motion) and (Proxy Recording) setting linkage function

When the (Proxy Recording) function is enabled, if the (S&Q Motion) function is enabled at the same time, the previously enabled (Proxy Recording Function) will be temporarily disabled. In this case, once the (S&Q Motion) function is closed, the (Proxy Recording) function will be restored.

(LCD / Viewfinder SDR Preview) Function Zebra crossing signal reference function

When (Gamma Display Assist Function) and (LCD / Viewfinder SDR Preview) functions are turned on at the same time, the viewfinder and the LCD screen will display zebra lines as the SDR output level monitoring.

Fix focus setting display error

Fix the problem that the (AF) logo is not displayed correctly on the LCD screen when the PXW-Z280V is set to the (Full MF) focus mode.

Enhanced security and stability


If you want to update the firmware by yourself, please refer to the firmware update installation tutorial below.

Please use Content Browser Mobile (CBM) V3.7.0 or later after upgrading.

C3 Portal App (C3P App) and related platforms are currently unavailable in mainland China. In other countries and regions where services are available, please use version 2022.4 or later.

If it is used in connection with PWS-100RX1 / PWS-110RX1A series servers, the server system firmware must be updated to V1.19.0 or later.

Important hint:

The risk of installing firmware updates is at the product user's own risk, please refer to the terms and conditions listed on the official website of Sony China. Be sure to read the installation instructions before installing a firmware update.

Upgrade steps:

  • Please move to the resource download area of ​​Sony's official website to download (PXW-Z280V V6.0 Firmware Update).
  • Double-click to decompress the file, and copy the FirmwareData_PXWZ280V600.dat file to the first-level directory of an SD card formatted with PXW-Z280V.
  • After confirming that the copying is complete, insert the card back into the Utility slot at the rear of the PXW-Z280V. Open the camera menu, and enter (System) - (Version) - (Version Upgrade) to upgrade PXW-Z280V to the latest firmware version in the SD card.
  • Please note that during the upgrade process, be sure to use the BC-U1A / BC-U2A power supply/charger, adjust it to the power supply mode to power the camera, and strictly ensure the stability and safety of the power supply.

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