TrendForce: The market price of memory and flash memory continues to fall

As North America enters the Thanksgiving holiday, the demand in the DRAM market is relatively weak this week. With the current inventory of various brands and consumers "waiting for price cuts", the overall market situation is difficult to stop falling.

TrendForce has released the latest research report, indicating that the current DRAM spot quotation is still on a downward trend.

For the DDR4 1Gx8 2666/3200 part, SK Hynix DJR-XNC usually trades at around US$1.95~2.00; Samsung WC-BCWE lowers its offer to US$2.08~2.10, and WC-BCTD lowers its price to US$2.00~2.03 due to the upcoming arrival at the end of the month.

For the DDR4 512x8 2400 part, the quotation of Samsung WE-BCRC remained at around US$1.35, while that of WF-BCTD dropped to around US$1.33.

For the DDR4 512x16 2666/3200 part, SK Hynix’s CJR-VKC price fell slightly to around $2.35; Samsung’s WC-BCWE dropped significantly to $1.90, and WC-BCTD also dropped to $1.88.

For the DDR4 256x16 part, Samsung WF-BCTD is mostly around $1.27.

DRAM module spot reference price:

  • KST DDR4 8G 2666 $19.80
  • KST DDR4 16G 2666 $39.50
  • KST DDR4 8G 3200 $20.00
  • KST DDR4 16G 3200 $40.00
  • KST DDR4 32G 3200 $83.30

As for NAND flash memory, it is also cutting prices.

TrendForce pointed out that at the end of this quarter, Micron’s official price of original factory-side wafers dropped accordingly, resulting in a significant decline in the quotations of SSD and finished card products. The factory side expects the future decline to expand, and many are unwilling to enter the market to undertake to stock. Only in specific eMMC 4G / 8G still has a small number of urgent order inquiries. Due to the limited trading conditions, the price performance is relatively supportive. However, due to the pressure on the original factory to make accounts, the three-party bargaining space between the original factory, the spot merchant, and the factory side is showing a see-saw, and the narrow space is obviously increasing. The transaction was difficult, and the final transaction volume was not as expected. Although the quotation of grains did not show a large drop, it still fell in many places, and the overall transaction situation was not optimistic.

The performance of TF cards was relatively quiet this week. The overall market demand was weak, buyers were not active in asking prices, and the supply side was under selling pressure.

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