Vivo X90 Pro+ appearance exposure

Vivo's next-generation flagship mobile phone, the Vivo X90 series, has now entered the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The official pre-heating of the image configuration has been carried out before, but the series has not been officially announced. Today, a real picture of the so-called Vivo X90 Pro+ appeared in the Vivo post bar, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. As can be seen from the picture, the rear lens module of the machine is very large, and it is not centered, but placed on the left side. There is a metal bar partition in the middle of the back cover of the fuselage, and the upper and lower sides are orange back covers. What do you think of this design?

This design has also been confirmed by the whistleblower @Digital Chat Station. The rear disc has four cameras, and the upper right corner is a telephoto of 5X or more.

Vivo previously revealed that the next-generation product will be equipped with a larger area of ​​​​CMOS, and the photosensitive ability is 77% higher than that of Samsung GNV on the Vivo X80 Pro. According to the news, the new CMOS will be the 1-inch Sony IMX989.

The next-generation product will be equipped with the Sky Night Scene System, which trains three super-sensitive models based on millions of night scene photos, increasing the sensitivity by up to 100%, and the ISO by up to 102400.

Telephoto: Vivo's next-generation products will also be equipped with lenses with focal lengths above 5X, which theoretically increase shooting resolution by up to 64%. In terms of portraits, Vivo's next-generation products will be equipped with a "super-sensing portrait system", equipped with a new 50mm portrait lens, which will beautify the details at the micron level through portrait understanding + portrait beautification + portrait atmosphere. In addition, the front soft light selfie will also be upgraded to support an autofocus lens and micro-slit dual soft light.

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