Google Pre-Production Pixel Tablet Being Sold by Unknown Seller

Despite the fact that Google has not yet fully introduced its new Pixel Tablet, it is already being sold by an unknown seller. This pre-production sample of the device is being sold for a relatively low price of $400, which includes a docking station with an integrated speaker system. The seller apparently has two of these tablets available.

While the identity of the seller remains a mystery, we do know some technical details about the Pixel Tablet. It features 256 GB of flash memory and a large screen, though it is worth noting that the bezels are quite thick. Previous reports have suggested that the device will have an 11-inch display.

It is unclear how this pre-production sample of the Pixel Tablet ended up in someone's hands and is now being sold. Google has yet to reveal any official information about the device, including its release date or specifications. It will be interesting to see if more information about the Pixel Tablet becomes available in the near future.

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