Limin launches 80mm TL-B8 fan

Limin has put the new 80mm TL-B8 fan on the shelves, which is positioned at the performance level, and the price is 69.9 yuan. This case fan adopts the standard size of 8025, high air volume fan blade design, and is equipped with S-FDB V2 bearings.

According to the official statement, under the acoustic sampling system, this fan fine-tunes the fan blades at the micron level, emphasizing the balance between sound and performance; it adopts double-sided silicone foot pads, better shock absorption protection, special-shaped line protection frame, and strengthens fan frame support strength.

Performance: The official said that this fan can generate 2.7mm H 2 O wind pressure, the speed is 2200RPM, the air volume can reach 34CFM, and the noise is 24DBA.

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