Precision Cleaning Komico Expands Austin Factory to Better Serve Samsung Foundry

Fab equipment coating and cleaning solutions company Komico (Meike Electronics) is planning to spend at least 30 million US dollars (about 211 million yuan) to expand its Texas plant in Austin, State. The move is to better respond to demand from customer Samsung, as the tech giant is building a new foundry in Taylor. 

The company provides cleaning and other solutions for Samsung's factory in Austin for etching and other wafer processes.

Komico built its first factory in Austin in 2006, and the new factory will be built next to it. The company will receive an award from the local city council, and its total capacity from Austin is expected to increase by 50% by 2025.

At the same time, Komico's new factory in Oregon was completed, and its main customer is Intel's D1X factory. 

Intel is planning to spend $3 billion to expand its D1X factory, which will continue to provide steady revenue for Komico.

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