ROG launches the Magician Competitive Edition Yueyaobai mechanical keyboard

The ROG Magician Competitive Edition Yueyaobai mechanical keyboard is designed specifically for competitive gamers looking for a compact and portable option. With a 68-key layout, it takes up minimal space on a desktop, leaving more room for a mouse and other peripherals. Its protective cover also allows users to easily take it on the go, making it a convenient choice for travel.

In terms of aesthetics, the Magician Competitive Edition Yueyaobai boasts a sleek moonlight-white color scheme and RGB lighting effects that can be customized using AURA SYNC technology. This allows users to choose from a variety of rhythmic lighting effects to enhance their gaming experience.

In addition to its compact layout and customizable lighting effects, the ROG Magician Competitive Edition Yueyaobai mechanical keyboard also boasts a range of other features that make it a top choice for gamers. It uses the ROG NX mechanical switch, which is available in three different handle options: Hawthorn Red, Glacier Blue, and Mocha Brown. These switches are known for their quick response times, with a zero gap between the trigger point and reset point for the Hawthorn Red and Mocha Brown options.

The Magician Competitive Edition Yueyaobai also includes a Smart Bar touch bar on the side of the keyboard, which allows users to customize key functions and control them directly. This adds an extra level of customization and convenience for users. The keyboard also features a key line separation design and is equipped with a two-way USB-C interface, which allows users to connect two devices at the same time.

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