Acer's new extraordinary Pro notebook is on the shelves

Acer has launched its new Extraordinary Pro notebook, a high-quality and lightweight device designed for professionals. The new laptop is available for purchase now, with an initial price of 8099 yuan, although this may not be the official price. The overseas model, known as the Swift 14 (SF14-71T), was unveiled at this year's CES and has received widespread praise for its design and specifications.

Acer has put a lot of thought into the design of the Extraordinary Pro, crafting it from a one-piece CNC-processed aviation-grade aluminum alloy shell. The body of the laptop is light and thin, measuring just 14.95mm thick and weighing 1.2 kg. The material has been double-anodized and features precision diamond cutting, resulting in a high-quality look and feel. The touchpad is made from recycled ocean materials, a nod to the environment and a stylish touch that sets the Extraordinary Pro apart from the competition.

Under the hood, the Extraordinary Pro is powered by the 13th generation Intel Core H-series processor, certified by Intel Evo. This powerful CPU is complemented by a battery life of over 9.5 hours, making the laptop ideal for long work sessions on the go. The laptop also supports Intel Unison cross-operating system cooperation, ensuring seamless performance regardless of the operating system you use. The heat dissipation design of the laptop is also noteworthy, with a unique air intake design and Acer's TwinAir dual fan system and D6 copper heat sink working together to ensure reliable performance.

The Extraordinary Pro is equipped with two 14-inch touch screens, both of which are made from Corning Gorilla Glass. The screens are scratch-resistant, durable, and able to inhibit microbial growth, making the laptop suitable for use in a variety of environments. The display options are the WQXGA (2,560x1,600) and WUXGA (1,920x1,200), both of which offer excellent image quality.

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