Keychron Q12 customized mechanical keyboard is on sale

Keychron, a popular brand for mechanical keyboards, has announced the release of their latest keyboard, the Keychron Q12. The keyboard features a unique left-hand input design for the numeric keypad, providing users with more room for mouse movement. The Keychron Q12 also boasts a 96% layout and supports QMK/VIA key change, allowing for each key to be programmable. It comes in three different switch types, with the starting price at 838 yuan.

96% Layout and Left Numeric Keypad

The Keychron Q12 features a 96% layout, which means it's a compact keyboard that is slightly smaller than a traditional full-sized keyboard. The numeric keypad is located on the left side of the keyboard, which is a unique feature not often seen in keyboards. This design is suitable for left-handed users, but it also provides more room for right-handed users to move their mouse around.

Gasket Middle Suspension Design and Hot Swappable Switches

The Keychron Q12 also comes with a Gasket middle suspension design, which provides a comfortable typing experience. It also supports QMK/VIA key change, allowing each key to be programmable. The keyboard uses Jiadalong G Pro switches, which come in three types of red, green, and brown. These switches are also hot-swappable, making it easy to change out switches as needed.

CNC Aluminum Body and RGB Lighting

The Keychron Q12 has a CNC aluminum body, which gives it a durable and sturdy feel. The keycaps are made of PBT material, which is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. The keyboard also comes with RGB lighting, with 13 lighting effects by default, and DIY options available. There is a stepless knob in the upper left corner of the keyboard, which can be used to adjust the volume or for DIY programming.

Type-C Interface and Three Color Options

The Keychron Q12 only supports Type-C interface wired connection. It comes in three different colors: gray, black, and blue. The starting price for the keyboard is 838 yuan, and it is now available for sale at Keychron's Tmall flagship store.

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