Xiaomi introduces new Mijia supercharged hand shower

Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi has recently introduced a new Mijia supercharged hand shower, equipped with three spray modes. The product was launched on February 22nd and will be available for crowdfunding at a price of 59 yuan. The retail price, however, will be 79 yuan. The company claims that the new product is the perfect solution for users who want a powerful, yet comfortable shower experience.

Three Spray Modes

The Mijia supercharged hand shower comes with three spray modes which include the soft, normal and strong modes. Users can easily switch between these modes using a button control design, no matter whether the shower is held in the front or back. The water will come out with the same force, making it easy for users to enjoy a comfortable shower experience.

Small Hole Physical Pressurization Technology

The Mijia supercharged hand shower has a small hole physical pressurization technology, which allows for water splashes to be powerful, even under low water pressure. This ensures that users can enjoy a comfortable shower experience, without any interruptions or sudden changes in water pressure.

Noise Reduction Technology

To ensure a more pleasant shower experience, the Mijia product design team has made structural improvements to reduce the noise of water inflow. This helps to improve the overall shower experience, making it more enjoyable for users.

Liquid Silicone Material

The spout of the Mijia supercharged hand shower is made of liquid silicone material, which is soft to the touch. The silicone material also makes it easy to descale the showerhead, ensuring that the water flows smoothly at all times.


Xiaomi has launched the Mijia supercharged hand shower for crowdfunding at a price of 59 yuan. The crowdfunding will start at 10:00 on February 22nd. Users who purchase the product during the crowdfunding period will be able to enjoy a discount of 20 yuan, making it an excellent opportunity to purchase a quality showerhead at an affordable price.

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