Apple's New AR/VR Head-Mounted Display Patent Approved

Apple has been granted a new patent that suggests the company is working on a new AR/VR head-mounted display that can handle iPhone mail in a virtual world and see HomePod to control playback. The patent, titled "Multi-Device Continuity for Extended Reality (XR) System," was recently published by the European Patent Office.

Continuity function to bring seamless integration

The patent describes how Apple plans to bring its Continuity function to the upcoming VR/AR headset, which will allow for a seamless experience between the device and virtual reality. The Continuity function is a technology that enables users to use their iPhone as a Mac camera between different devices, make and receive calls without picking up their iPhone, and automatically unlock their Mac when wearing an Apple Watch, among other features.

The new XR system patent envisions how the headset will be linked with other Apple devices in the future, allowing for a more connected and integrated experience between them.

Extended mail application interface

One of the examples is that when the wearer of the headset checks emails on the iPhone screen, an extended mail application interface will float on the iPhone screen. The user can interact with the interface through gestures or eye movements and can also move the email interface from the top of the iPhone screen to the virtual reality world, zoom in and send and receive emails, and perform other related operations.

Control HomePod playback in virtual interface

In another example, the wearer of the headset can perform similar operations on the HomePod. After seeing the HomePod in sight, he can directly see the volume control interface in the virtual interface and can control it. This feature will be a welcome addition to those who enjoy the seamless integration between their devices and will add a new level of functionality to the headset.

Implications for AR/VR technology

The new patent's approval suggests that Apple is continuing to invest in AR/VR technology and is looking to make significant advancements in this field. By integrating the Continuity function into the XR system, Apple is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AR/VR technology.

The seamless integration between devices and the ability to control them through the headset's virtual interface is an exciting development for those who are interested in this technology. This development will not only make the user experience more enjoyable but will also make it more efficient and productive.

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