Microsoft: Xbox Series X is mid-term revision console, no upgrade planned

Microsoft has confirmed that it has no plans to launch a mid-term upgrade version for the current generation of game consoles. The company said that the Xbox Series S is the standard console of this generation, while the Xbox Series X is the "mid-generation upgrade".

Microsoft stated that the reason why they released the Xbox Series X in advance is to allow players to "experience the mid-term upgraded console" from the beginning of this generation.

This is a rather interesting disclosure, considering the performance differences between the two consoles and the fact that developers aren't exactly happy with the Xbox Series S.

It is worth mentioning that although Microsoft does not plan to update the Xbox Series X|S, Sony is indeed developing a redesigned PlayStation 5. Sony is expected to launch the 2023 PS5 with a detachable optical drive in September this year, and release an upgraded model at the end of next year (tentatively called PlayStation 5 Pro, but the performance upgrade should not be the point).

In addition to the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro, Sony last month announced Project Q, a streaming handheld specifically for the PS5. This handheld uses a large 8-inch screen, has all the buttons and functions of the DualSense wireless controller, and can stream PS5 games on the handheld via Wi-Fi (provided you have a PS5).

More details about these new consoles and handhelds will be announced in the future.

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