Intel Submits Initial Support for USB4 Version 2.0 to Linux 6.5

Intel has submitted initial support for USB4 Version 2.0 to the Linux 6.5 kernel. The company has also enabled preliminary support for the new standard on its new Intel Barlow Ridge controller.

USB4 Version 2.0 is a significant upgrade over the original USB4 standard, which was released in 2020. It offers twice the maximum bandwidth of USB4, up to 40 Gbps. It also supports new features such as Dual-Source Power Delivery (DPPD), which allows two devices to power each other simultaneously.

Intel's Barlow Ridge controller is the first to support USB4 Version 2.0. It is designed for use in high-performance computing (HPC) and data center applications. The controller is expected to be available in the second half of 2023.

The initial support for USB4 Version 2.0 in the Linux 6.5 kernel is just the first step in the rollout of the new standard. Intel and other chipmakers are expected to release more USB4 Version 2.0 controllers in the coming months. The standard is also expected to be supported by more operating systems, such as Windows and macOS.

The availability of USB4 Version 2.0 will help to accelerate the adoption of high-speed data transfer technologies. It will also make it possible to connect more devices to a single port, such as high-resolution displays, external storage, and networking devices.

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