Google to Launch Android Repair Mode for System Testing and Hardware Repair

According to a report by foreign media outlet GSMArena, Google is currently developing a new feature called "Pixel Repair Mode (Repair Mode)" for its Pixel phones. This feature is expected to be launched in December this year and Google also plans to make it available to all Android platform device manufacturers.

Pixel Repair Mode is designed to facilitate system testing and hardware repair. When this mode is enabled, the phone will run a "fresh installation" using a "new user account" and the previous user's data will be encrypted and remain on the device. This means that the phone's hardware can be tested without compromising the user's personal data.

This feature is still under development, but it has already been integrated into the Android 14 QPR1 beta version for Pixels. However, the relevant functions have not yet been developed, and the system is currently missing a guide application to guide users through the process of enabling this mode.

Google's purpose of developing "repair mode" is mainly to allow developers to try new versions of the system in advance or solve errors in the current system. Foreign media believes that Google's introduction of this mode is a good way to test the system. This function can also facilitate maintenance personnel to test "which hardware is effective" in the mobile phone. After getting the phone back, the user only needs to turn off the "repair mode" and can be easily reused.

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