Kioxia Launches LD2-L Series Solid State Drives: Up to 30.72 TB in E1.L Size

At the OCP Summit 2023, Kioxia launched a new 30.72 TB LD2-L series data center NVMe SSD. The selling point of this series of hard drives is not the speed, but the application capacity support of 1PB/1U. In addition, the company also demonstrated several other ultra-large-scale SSDs at the show.

The LD2-L series SSD is a high-capacity SSD in the E1.L form factor with optional capacities of 30.72 TB or 15.36 TB. This means that a 1U chassis with 32 bays can achieve a capacity of 983 TB or approximately 1 PB/U.

The E1.L form factor is a new standard for data center SSDs that is larger than the traditional U.2 form factor. This allows for higher capacity drives to be installed in the same amount of space.

Kioxia also showcased several other products at the OCP Summit, such as the E1.S NVMe SSD product Kioxia XD7P. This PCIe Gen5 drive is designed to deliver faster speeds in a smaller form factor and lower capacity point.

The launch of the LD2-L series SSD is a significant development for the data center storage market. It shows that Kioxia is committed to developing high-capacity SSDs that can meet the needs of the most demanding workloads.

Potential applications of the LD2-L series SSD include:

  • Large-scale data warehousing
  • High-performance computing
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Video surveillance
  • Medical imaging

The LD2-L series SSD is expected to be available in early 2024.

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