Meta Permanently Cuts Price of Quest 2 and Accessories, Making VR More Accessible

In a move aimed at making virtual reality (VR) technology more accessible to the masses, Meta has officially announced a permanent price reduction for its popular Quest 2 headset and various accessories. The decision comes months after the release of the highly-anticipated Quest 3 and aims to cater to budget-conscious consumers.

Following the initial announcement of the Quest 3, Meta opted to continue offering the Quest 2, initially reducing its price for Black Friday. Now, the company has decided to make the $249 promotional price permanent, positioning the Quest 2 at less than half the cost of its successor, the Quest 3.

According to reports from TechCrunch, the price cut extends beyond the headset itself, with reductions on various Quest 2 accessories. The essential Elite Strap, addressing concerns about the Quest 2's original headstrap, will see a $10 price drop to $49.99. Meanwhile, the Elite Strap with Battery, designed for extended usage, will see its price decrease from $119.99 to $89.99. Additional accessories such as the Meta Quest 2 carrying case, active pack, and fit pack will also enjoy price cuts ranging from $10 to $15.

Meta initially introduced the Quest 2 to democratize VR, offering a standalone headset at an affordable $299. Despite encountering issues such as a recall due to skin irritation problems, the Quest 2 proved to be a popular choice for users seeking an entry-level VR experience.

After a brief price increase to $399, Meta's latest move to keep the Quest 2 at $249 solidifies its commitment to providing an affordable VR option for consumers. The Quest 3, while offering enhanced features such as color cameras for a more immersive mixed-reality experience, comes with a steeper price tag starting at $599.

Meta has not disclosed a specific timeline for discontinuing the Quest 2, assuring customers that it will remain available and supported "for a long while." This assurance makes the Quest 2 a viable choice for budget-conscious consumers, while those seeking the latest advancements and full-color mixed reality will need to consider the higher-priced Quest 3.

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