OFILM has announced significant advancements in its camera technology

OFILM, a leading supply chain company for the technology sector, has announced significant advancements in smartphone camera technology. The company's R&D team has achieved mass production for several innovative camera modules, including:
  • Variable aperture and retractable modules: This technology allows for greater control over light entering the camera sensor, resulting in improved image quality in various lighting conditions.
  • Floating macro modules: These modules enable sharper close-up photography by physically adjusting the lens position.
  • Periscope telephoto macro modules: This design allows for powerful telephoto zoom capabilities without increasing phone thickness.
  • Chip anti-shake: This technology provides image stabilization directly on the image sensor chip, leading to smoother videos and photos.
These advancements highlight OFILM's commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone camera technology. The company's investments in research and development have also yielded:
  • High-pixel super resolution algorithm: This technology enhances image detail and clarity, improving the overall image quality.
  • Super EIS anti-shake algorithm: This industry-leading technology minimizes camera shake, ensuring sharper photos and videos.
  • MGL multi-group lens active alignment technology: This innovative process ensures precise lens alignment for optimal image performance.
  • CMP/GMP miniaturization module packaging technology: This technology allows for smaller camera modules without compromising functionality.
  • OFILM's technological advancements are not limited to mass production. The company is actively researching 10x continuous zoom technology, exploring advancements in lenses, voice coil motors (VCMs), and module process integration.
These innovations position OFILM as a leader in the smartphone camera module market. The company's high-end lens production capabilities, including 7P optical lenses, periscope telephoto lenses, and variable aperture lenses, have already secured them a place in the supply chains of major domestic mobile phone manufacturers in China.

Financial Turnaround

OFILM's commitment to innovation has translated into financial success. The company achieved a net profit in 2023, marking a significant turnaround from previous losses. Their operating income reached 16.863 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.73%.

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