For Oppo, Reno will take over from F series

OPPO South Asia said, with the launch of its new Reno series, Oppo is likely to taper off its F series in the near future, Will Yang, CMO. The Find series will continue as its flagship lineup. The OPPO Reno, priced starting at Rs 39,990, has made its debut as the first phone in the world with 10x optical zoom. 

Tasleem Arif, VP R&D, OPPO India said, we are working on new innovations and investing our R&D resources to come up with new solutions in the premium segment for the Indian customer. Reno is not just about the 10x zoom, but has other innovative features like VOOC 3.0 and night mode 2.0 powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. “It is not just about the camera, it is an innovation centric product. There are at least five or six software innovations in the device, along with the extraordinary hardware design reiterating that the idea was to provide the most innovative product to the consumer at an affordable price. If there were three USPs to look at in the premium segment, camera, battery and system performance, Oppo was trying to come up with a solution to solve these different problems. Soon there will be some features that have been made especially for India. Since we have invested a lot in India and our R&D is set up here, we are working on software solutions that can solve the Indian consumer problem.

Reno’s launch has been strategically timed to coincide with the ICC Cricket World Cup of which Oppo is a partner. Oppo will also have a campaign to coincide with the tournament. Accepting that the company’s association with cricket has helped it in India.

Yang said, five years back, we barely had any brand awareness in the market. Now out brand awareness is is over 86 per cent.

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