Is this the original iPhone 13 packaging or is it fake?

Over the weekend, a video made a lot of noise showing how easy it is to stick a new security seal on the iPhone 13 packaging, which is sold for about 1 yuan in China. Moreover, the whole procedure takes about a minute and does not require any tools.

Many netizens became very alarmed, fearing that the new smartphone they bought might in fact turn out to be a used device that was resealed in the box. Now there is new information about the security seals for iPhone 13 packages sold in China.

@Kang, a Chinese blogger and Apple accessories supplier, revealed on Weibo that he also has stickers like this. He admitted that the sticker is indeed very easy to install on the iPhone 13 packaging, but it is not an exact copy of the original seal. In particular, a different quality of the adhesive part is noted.

The blogger admitted that there may be many re-sealed smartphones on the market, but upon careful examination, these seals can be distinguished from the original factory-installed seals. He added that there are certain flaws that cannot be completely masked.

It may be difficult for ordinary users to distinguish an original seal from a fake one, so they are advised to contact the official sales channels. Alternatively, wait until YouTube guides appear to help identify fakes. A set of 100 seals for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is reportedly selling for $ 55.

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