League of Legends Pro View Provides New Way to Watch Pro Games

Riot Games is preparing to kick off League of Legends 2019 Spring Split and with the new stretch of competitive League matches will come a new way to watch these games. Pro View was revealed by Riot to be League’s latest development in the viewer focused side of esports and is a paid product which unlocks a suite of extra features used when watching the pros play. The product will be available for just the LCS and the LEC when it launches for the Summer Split and part of the money viewers spend on it will go towards supporting the teams from those regions.

The primary draw of the Pro View feature if you’ve got a favorite player in one of these leagues is the ability to watch a point-of-view stream from the perspective of any of the 10 players in a given match. Along with that feature, Pro View also gives buyers the option to watch up to four synchronized streams at once, have an advanced timeline of what’s happening in the game, and the ability to synch up with friends through a personalized stream. All of these features will of course be available in the live games, and they’ll also be available in VODs.

Pro View will be usable through the LoL Esports site, so you’ll have to watch the games there to make use of it. The site already supports both YouTube and Twitch streams though, so it shouldn’t be too different from what you’re used to if you typically watch games exclusively through one of those platforms. This also means that you’ll be able to complete the occasional in-game mission while using Pro View.

Riot’s new esports product costs $14.99 for the LCS and €14.99 for the LEC with a $19.99 All Access version, prices that guarantees you’ll have it throughout the Summer Split. Pro View’s release doesn’t mean that current features in place for free are going away, Riot said in its FAQ about the product. The same page offered an explanation for the question some might have about why the product is a paid one.

Riot said, as our sport continues to grow, it’s important that our teams and leagues share in our combined success. Allowing fans to directly support their favorite pros, teams, and leagues will ensure LoL Esports and League continue to thrive and contribute to our goal of becoming a true multi-generational sport.

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