Apple has ordered OLED screens from Samsung for Ipad and Macbook

We have been hearing various rumors that Apple will use OLED screens for its upcoming iPhone models. Seems all those rumors have many common things with reality. Yesterday, Elec News reported that Apple is ordering OLED screens for Samsung for future laptops and tablets. In other words, the Cupertino-based company is going to use this technology not only on iPhones but on other products as well. Interestingly, those products have larger screens.

In fact, the new MacBook with OLED screen has been rumored before. Samsung has negotiated with Apple to provide OLED screens for 16-inch MacBooks. A Samsung digital blogger also confirmed this on Weibo.

There is a serious reason why Apple is switching to OLED screens made by Samsung. With this move, the Cupertino-based company will resolve the multi-million dollar contract dispute between the two technology giants. Due to the reduced demand for OLED screens for the iPhone, Apple has added OLED screens for MacBooks and iPads to South Korean manufacturers to circumvent fines.

Samsung Display invested in the A3 plant for about two years in line with the deal with Apple. The company has packaged large-scale facilities capable of producing 6G-generation flexible OLEDs (called Apple-only) at 105,000 sheets per month. The size of the order Apple pledged to Samsung Display was not known. Industry sources expect Samsung to produce about 100 million OLED panels for iPhone annually.

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