Facebook will unveil new versions of portal video chat devices

Facebook will reveal some new form factors that portal would be shipped with. Facebook set to launch updated version of its video chat device portal later in 2019. 

Andrew Bosworth, Vice President of Facebook's Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) confirmed that the company has a lot more to unveil later this fall related to Portal. According to Bosworth, Facebook would also reveal some new form factors that Portal would be shipped with.
Speculations suggest these new form factors could include the Ripley device that has appeared in Portal firmware repositories.

According to Cheddar, the device named Ripley would allow customers to attach a camera to the top of their television sets which would eliminate the need of a dedicated video chatting device. The device was first launched in November 2018. While the smaller device was priced at $199, the larger Portal Plus was made available for $349 with 10-inch display and 15-inch display, respectively. The device is also powered by Amazon's voice assistant Alexa and comes with front cameras.

Bosworth said, Hardware is coming to the home, and we want to make sure that human connection, connection between two people, is a first-party experience on that hardware.

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