Google to roll out a dark theme mode in the Google App for Android users

Google introduced a dark mode in its web browser chrome earlier this year for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. Now the company has come up with dark mode for its Google Search, Google Discover for Android devices. This new feature will avoid unnecessary battery drain of the device and won't strain your eyes.

Once the dark mode option is available on your device, you can enable it by going to Settings > General. It will show you the option of Dark Theme. Enable it to further open three options including Never, Follow system setting (battery saver), and Always.

The backdrop of the browser will appear grey with the colourful logo of Google in white. The search bar will also be displayed in grey.

The intriguing part is when you search for something in this mode, the search results will appear with a grey backdrop while the headlines of the results will be displayed in blue. The description below the headline will appear in a lighter shade of grey.

Google seems to be gearing up for its launch of Android Q in the coming months and that is the reason, the company is now laying the groundwork prior to the actual launch of the stable version.

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