Five year old OnePlus one catches fire in India and OnePlus already investigating

OnePlus burst into the smartphone industry about five years ago with the launch of the OnePlus One. Considering the smartphone product cycle, we really don’t expect the OnePlus One to still b in the hands of too many persons presently. Apparently, some folks still cherish the sleek treasure. Unfortunately, one of such OnePlus One owners in India had an ignoble experience when his mobile phone went up in flames.

Although the incident is relatively isolated, it is the third time a OnePlus One model was reported to have gone up in flames. However, this is in no way similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle that was clearly a battery defect. Isolated cases of smartphones from different OEMs going up in flames or exploding. From Xiaomi to Samsung, to even the almighty Apple iPhones. There are several reasons why a phone could go up in flames and some of them are user related. In this case, only a thorough investigation can unravel the facts. However, four a 5-year-old phone, we doubt if there are too many persons that are eager to find out what happened.

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