Say goodbye to those card games on your Windows PC and as Microsoft is shutting them down

Remember the Hearts game from Windows back in the day? It was accompanied by others like Backgammon, Checkers, Reverse, and MSN Go. These all had Internet versions so you could play online vs other people. Not anymore you can't. Microsoft has for a while now been pushing users with older versions of their Windows OS to upgrade. Their latest effort seems to be removing the little add-ons that made the older platforms fun.

In a new blog post, the company has announced it's shutting down several of its Internet Games for people using Windows 7 and earlier. When that happens for you depends on your version of OS. Of course, if you've never played or even heard of any of these games, you're going to be just fine.

The first to lose access will be Windows XP and Windows ME users, which will lose access to the games on July 31, a few days from now. Windows 7 users meanwhile will lose access on January 22, 2020, just one week after support for the OS itself officially ends.

Of course, it'll probably be really easy to find online hosted versions of these games somewhere. However, Microsoft would really love it if you could instead just upgrade your PC and switch to Windows 10.

In fact, it's surprising the games have stayed online this long considering Windows XP and ME stopped receiving support years ago. In case you're worried about Solitaire disappearing, don't worry it's going to be part of Windows 10 going forward. Either way though, it's time to bid your nostalgia software goodbye.

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