WhatsApp working on self-destructing messages: Here’s how it works

WhatsApp’s latest update confirms self-destructing messages and dark mode as well. Here’s how self-destructing messages on WhatsApp works. 

WhatsApp has in the past few weeks rolled out new features for its Android and iOS apps. iPhone users recently received calls waiting for support and the new group privacy settings. WhatsApp also rolled out features like fingerprint locks for Android users. The instant messaging app is slated to introduce even more exciting features like dark mode and self-destructing messages which it has been working on for quite some now.

In a recent WhatsApp beta update, we got to see more development on WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages feature. What was earlier known as ‘Disappearing messages’ will now be called ‘Delete messages’ according to the latest update. WhatsApp already has a ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature but the new one will work differently. WhatsApp hasn’t announced when or if it will roll out self-destructing messages but here’s how the feature works.

WhatsApp self-destructing messages

WhatsApp’s Delete messages feature will have a toggle on/off button for one-to-one and group chats. Turning this feature on will delete every message sent to that chat within the chosen time interval. WhatsApp offers five options for time intervals – 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year. For example, if 1 hour is selected then messages sent to that chat will disappear after 1 hour.

Unlike Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp, this feature will not leave a trace of messages deleted on the chat. At present, if users delete messages it displays a message which says This message has been deleted. With the new feature, it will be like the message never existed in the first place. Do note that until the feature is turned off, messages will get deleted as enabled before.

Self-destructing messages aren’t something new and have existed in other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. WhatsApp is in fact pretty late in introducing this feature. The Facebook-owned company is yet to introduce dark mode too which is already available on most popular apps. WhatsApp dark mode is said to be almost ready with only minor tweaks remaining.

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