WhatsApp’s top new interesting features coming soon for everyone

WhatsApp keeps working on a range of new features. One of the best ways to get a peek at the upcoming WhatsApp features is by joining the beta program. Some of the features eventually make it to the final version as well. Already, we know that WhatsApp is working on a Dark Mode for its iOS and Android users. Let’s take a look at the top other features that have already rolled out or are coming soon.

Multiple device support

Soon, you can run your WhatsApp account on two devices simultaneously. The instant messaging company is working on a feature called “Registration Notifications.” This will allow users to get notifications about their secondary device login on the original device. The message will read, “The recipient’s device list changed. Tap Verify to confirm the new security code.” After you verify the security code, you will be able to use the app on two devices.

Dark Mode

One of the most awaited features on WhatsApp, Dark Mode will allow users to invert color schemes. According to reports, WhatsApp’s Dark Mode is near perfect on Android and is also in the works for iPhones. WhatsApp’s Dark Theme will be available through multiple options. For instance, users can set the settings to automatically change the color scheme depending on the system theme. While the iOS version of Dark Theme will have a darker color scheme, Android users will get a lighter version.

Netflix streaming support

WhatsApp is said to be extending picture-in-picture mode for more third-party applications. According to reports, WhatsApp will soon allow users to watch Netflix trailers within the application. The app will show you a large video icon with a Play button – similar to YouTube links shared on the app.

Bonus: Fingerprint lock

In case you missed it, WhatsApp now allows Android users to lock/unlock the application through fingerprint sensor. The feature was previously available for iPhone users. WhatsApp also supports the Face ID lock feature on the latest iPhones. Note that even if you’ve locked your WhatsApp with a fingerprint sensor, you will still be able to respond to video and audio calls.

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