Beware! scammers are using WhatsApp to steal money

Cybercriminals are cheating users and stealing money from their bank accounts through a QR code scan. The scam involves scammers who share their QR codes usually through WhatsApp to make payments and then trick victims into sending money. There has been a rapid rise in such cases in the cities. In most cases, scammers approach those who have published ads for the sale of furniture or other items online. Recently, Cyberabad police shared advice warning the citizens about such frauds. Last month, many such cases were reported by Gurugram.

Read and find out how this QR code fraud works: 

1. Scammers ask the victim to share their Bank account details to receive the money

2. The scammers then share a QR code, or quick response code, on WhatsApp to get money in their account

3. This is a collect request; the victim accepts the request of giving money by scanning and entering the PIN

4. Once he/she scans the QR code and enters PIN, money gets deducted from the bank account

5. People must know that they only need to scan QR code only to make payments not to receive money

6. A QR code is similar to a regular internet link if you don't know its origin don't click on it

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