These are the new emojis that arrive with Android 11

The Android 11 update is here and with it, new emojis, make the conversation much more entertaining and enjoyable through various messaging services. 

Definitely, emojis have made our communication easier, since we use them to say things that we cannot express in words or simply to respond without making much effort.

In this way, the new emojis that come to Android range from food, everyday objects, and a variety of people, to things like a grave and a trap with cheese.

Extinct animals such as a mammoth and the dodo bird and other types of animals that continue to exist such as cockroaches, polar bars, flies, and caterpillars are also added. 

But without a doubt, the best thing that the new Android update brings is the representation of diversity: the non-binary symbol, men with the classic white wedding dress, women with suits and the trans pride flag. 

Finally, they are part of the emojis collection of all kinds of ninjas, a face with glasses and a false nose, an iced drink with tapioca, and a tamale.

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