Google’s next Nest Hub smart display may have a Soli radar for sleep tracking

According to a fresh report claims the upcoming Google’s next Nest Hub Smart Display not only exists but will also include sleep tracking features. A new report from 9to5Google claims the Nest Hub will use Soli to track a user’s sleep. 

9to5Google reported that, Embedded into this upcoming Nest Hub, Google is embracing how Smart Displays are often placed on bedside tables as alarm clocks and speakers. The original Nest Hub is more likely to be used in sensitive areas since it lacks a camera, with sleep tracking serving as another incentive to place this device on your nightstand.

9to5Google speculates that the upcoming Nest Hub will fit somewhere between the 7-inch Nest Hub and 10-inch Nest Hub Max. There is room for a device in the middle, with Google likely wanting to retain the affordable model for a while longer.

As for when the Smart Display with Soli will launch, 9to5Google claims it’ll arrive sooner rather than later. We could hear and see an announcement soon.

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