Group says latest game consoles can be power-hungry streaming devices

A recent report focusing on the latest generation of game consoles suggests these high-powered machines offer impressive standby modes, but can gobble up energy depending on how you’re using them. The Natural Resources Defense Council says while Microsoft’s new Xbox lineup and Sony’s PlayStation 5 consoles make it easy to stream from services like Netflix or Disney+, they can consume anywhere from 10 to 25 times more power than a dedicated streaming device.

The report, published last week, focuses on the recently released Microsoft Xbox Series S and Series X, as well as Sony’s PlayStation 5 with and without an onboard disc drive. Hands-on testing relied on a Series S and both versions of the PS5 and the group’s findings show this latest generation of game console can consume around 160 to 200-plus watts of power when running games designed specifically for those systems.

The power story changes a bit when these new consoles are running games designed for previous-generation consoles, aka backwards compatibility. Thanks to efficiency improvements in their more current hardware, the new consoles can run those older titles often with better performance while still consuming less energy than the consoles they replaced.

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