Honor super fast power bank fast charge announced in China

Honor includes a 66W Super Fast charger in the box.  The new Honor Super Fast Power Bank 12000 with support for 66W fast. The battery pack which has a 12000mAh capacity was announced in China this week and is now available for purchase on Honor’s online store for just ¥359 (~$55).

The Honor Super Fast Power Bank 12000 has a light gray polycarbonate body. There are two ports – a USB-A output port and a USB-C port that doubles as both input and output. The power bank has support for 66W two-way fast charging.

Honor says the power bank will charge a 4020mAh battery up to three times before it gets depleted. If you use a 66W charger, you can recharge the power bank in just 1.8 hours while a 10W charger will take 5.3 hours.

The Honor Super Fast Power Bank 12000 is not only compatible with the Honor V40 but can also charge other phones, tablets, and even notebooks that support USB-C charging. It also has a low power mode for charging low-power devices such as earphones, fitness trackers, and smartwatches.

Honor says it supports a bunch of fast-charging protocols including Power Delivery, Quick Charge, SCP, and FCP. The power bank also boasts thirteen layers of safety protection including over-voltage, under-voltage, and battery overcharge, and battery short circuit protection.

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