PS5 digital edition India release date delayed according to IGN information

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition won’t be available in India at the time for the PS5 release date of February 2, 2021. In addition to this the Dual Sense charging station, HD camera, and PS Headset will be skipping India at launch as well. The news comes via a Twitter account that’s been tracking PS5 India launch details. 

According to the IGN, India information, they has been able to verify its claims via sources at retail and can confirm that the information posted is accurate. They are claiming, they have reached out to Sony for comment as to why the PS5 Digital Edition and these accessories will be skipping India and will update this story if they hear from the company. What this means is only the DualSense controller and Media Remote will be available in India at launch in addition to the PS5 with a disc drive.

If these news was true, Follow This Trending World Tech also request for Sony to comment the information is true or not.

That said, game stores in the country have finally gotten their allocations of the PS5 disc version though Sony is yet to confirm what the pre-order guidelines should be. 

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