Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptops leaked by the Bluetooth SIG

Now Samsung may have two or three new Galaxy Book Pro laptops on the way. Some preliminary details including model numbers were revealed in a recent listing on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Here are the names for the new laptops, which give us a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of form factor at least:

  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G

All of the computers are described as notebook PCs, but it’s safe to assume that the models with 360 in their names will feature convertible designs with touchscreen displays, 360-degree hinges and support for use in laptop, tablet, tend, and stand modes.

That suggests the other models may be clamshell-style laptops, although we suppose it’s also possible that these could be tablets with detachable keyboards.

There are no details in the Bluetooth SIG listing about screen size, processor, memory, or storage. But all models will support Bluetooth 5.1 and it looks like some models will be available with 4G LTE and/or 5G cellular capabilities.

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