Samsung seems to have quietly discontinued the Galaxy S20 series

You can no longer purchase any model of the original Galaxy S20 series from Samsung’s official website.

If you visit Samsung’s official website now, the only Galaxy S20 phone you can purchase is the Galaxy S20 FE, which is no surprise considering it was announced a little over three months ago. However, the original Galaxy S20 series which includes the standard model, the Galaxy S20 Plus, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra are all listed as out of stock. We checked the Indian site too and it is the same thing out of stock. The phones are also not available in the UK and in China.

This new development will surely disappoint those who thought they would be able to get last year’s flagship phones at a more affordable price tag since there are now new models.

While Samsung will no longer officially sell the phones, we expect third-party sellers will still have units available. Also, there should be refurbished units available for purchase from these sellers.

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