Apple Glass could land in early 2022 with LiDAR tracking

Instagram may soon introduce a vertical feed for Stories, reports TechCrunch. The vertical feed appears to be inspired by TikTok’s popular vertical video feed format. Instagram has already made attempts to emulate TikTok’s concept with Reels.

The vertical feed UI was first spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi who shared the feature on his Twitter account. According to the report, the feature is not live yet as he discovered the change in the Instagram codes. Instagram also confirmed that the feature is in the works but not available to the public at this time.

The feature may still be weeks or months away from the official rollout. Now, Instagram shows Stories in horizontal circular tabs for individual posts.

Given the complexity of Apple Glasses specs, JPMorgan Chase’s Weilun doesn’t expect them to be released for another 12 to 18 months. That matches other rumors suggesting we may not see them on the market until 2022 or 2023, though that wouldn’t stop Apple from announcing them first to build consumer interest.

This report references Apple Glasses as a singular product capable of both AR and VR, but other rumors differ on whether there will be one or multiple headsets or headsets and glasses released by Apple.

Weilun estimates that the Apple Glasses (either VR headsets or spectacles) could have a $500 cost of materials (COM), and some basic napkin math applying that 40% number would put an Apple Glasses product pricetag at $1,231.

A recent rumor arising from a Bloomberg report suggests that Apple is developing two distinct products which could launch as soon as 2022. 

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