Apple releases a new limited edition Apple Watch 6 to celebrate Black History Month

Apple is all in on Black History Month and is celebrating it with a host of new content updates to its services and some sweet exclusive hardware. The company is introducing a new limited-edition variant of the Apple Watch 6, the Black Unity Sport Band, and a Unity watch face. The special edition watch has been designed by members of the Black creative community.

The Black Unity Sport Band has Truth, Power,Solidarity engraved onto the stainless-steel pin. As per the press release, the primary colours that are displayed on the Watch are red for the blood that unites people of the African Diaspora and was shed for their liberation, black for the people whose existence is affirmed by the flag, and green for the vibrant natural wealth of Africa, the Motherland.

The sport band is also made from coloured fluoroelastomer (synthetic rubber) which are hand assembled. Apple is also including a new watch face, that the company says, “displays an ever-changing pattern that dynamically shifts as Apple Watch moves, creating a unique face for everyone.

Apple Watch users can also participate in a new activity challenge where they can earn a limited-edition award for closing their move rings seven days in a row during this month. This rollout is part of larger push Apple is making across its services in celebration of the historic month.

Apple’s App Store will highlight black owned businesses, developers, entertainment, gaming apps and social justice apps. The store will also put-up stories featuring black developers. Apple Music will honour black artists by highlighting moments that have shaped global music and pop culture and will highlight prominent musicians in jazz, blues, soul, gospel, R&B, pop and hip hop. Apple will also celebrate black history across its other services such as Apple TV, Maps, News, Books, Podcasts and more.

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