MediaTek entered Apple supply chain for beats headsets shipments

MediaTek has entered the Apple’s supply chain and should officially start shipping in February and March. This is the first time that MediaTek has entered Apple’s supply chain. It is also the first time that Apple has introduced foreign chips in its headset products.

According to the current iPhone shipments exceeding 200 million units per year, the market opportunity for Beats headset products is huge. In other words, Apple’s supply chain companies, say MediaTek, will get a lot of revenue as well.

It is worth mentioning that MediaTek obtained the Beats order through its subsidiary, a company dedicated to the development of highly integrated circuits for wireless communications. 

MediaTek has become the largest supplier of mobile SoCs for smartphones in China. Despite the downturn in the Chinese market, MediaTek managed to outpace the competition and lead the market. SoC shipments in China totaled 307 million units in 2020, down 20.8% from 2019.

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