Nvidia GeForce now available on Apple M1 Macs and Chrome browser

Nvidia added official support for the Chrome web browser and M1 Macs in beta. With Chrome support, users will now be able to simply jump in and enjoy game streaming on the devices with the help of the browser. However, as spotted by XDA Developers, Nvidia has clarified that only Windows and macOS systems are officially supported with the browser for now so you can't attempt to play it on your phones.

This will be good news for Mac M1 users, theoretically, this would mean that anyone with a Chrome browser can now simply go to GeForce Now's website and start playing some really high-end games without any troubles. For the new M1 Mac users, there's a dedicated app that first needs to be installed to use the service smoothly. Nvidia's has also suggested some other changes to users to help the service run smoothly. These include the creation of dedicated shortcuts for games.

Currently, the service is available in select regions.

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