Samsung Wear OS smartwatch rumor

Now, a single rumor has users taking sides on whether Samsung switching to Wear OS is a good thing or not. To be clear, Ice universe actually mentions Android replacing Tizen on a new Samsung watch. This leaves the door open for either a custom Android-based smartwatch OS or a one-time Wear OS thing again, just like the Samsung Gear Live in 2014. Nonetheless, the mere fact that it won’t be the usual Tizen-based OS is enough for users to either clap or raise their fists.

On the one hand, switching to Wear OS would open the door to more apps, especially popular ones that aren’t available on Tizen. That includes Google’s own apps, particularly Google Assistant and connection with Google Home. It’s probably arguable that, small as it may be, Wear OS app ecosystem is bigger and more alive than Tizen’s.

On the other hand, Tizen has also had more opportunities to refine itself that some even consider it a better smartwatch OS than Wear OS. Development on Wear OS itself hasn’t exactly always been active and consistent. Samsung does tend to abandon older smartwatches sooner rather than later, leaving them with older versions of the OS.

There are definitely pros and cons to this unexpected switch, presuming Samsung is really making that switch. If it does, it will be the first major smartphone maker in a long while to actually dive into Wear OS again, after the likes of LG and Motorola jumped ship years ago.

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