Stretch: A robot capable of transporting 800 boxes per hour

In light of the trend to rely more on robots in various fields, the company Boston Dynamics, which manufactures robotics devices, unveiled the latest robot for warehouse automation. According to the creators of the new device, Stretch is able to transport up to 800 boxes per hour, which is comparable to human productivity.

Unlike previous designs by Boston Dynamics, the new project does not take the form of an animal or a human, but it appears to be a classic industrial robot designed to maximize handling efficiency. And the company announced, through a tweet on its Twitter account, that the Stretch robot is a square platform on wheels, on which a column is installed with cameras and sensors to analyze the environment, a huge robotic arm with 7 varying degrees of freedom of movement, and end-of-arm suction cups to hold boxes that arrive It weighs 23 kg, and has a battery life of eight hours.

Usually such robotic arms need to be secured in one place on the ground due to their stability on the ground thanks to their square platform, Michael Berry, a company official, tells The Verge. 

According to Perry, The robotic arm of the robot can move freely thanks to the patented balance system hidden in the base and basic robot control skills can be mastered within a few hours of training.

This is the company's second robot that will be sold directly to the average consumer, the first being Spot, the $ 75,000 robot dog that has been hired at SpaceX. The cost of Stretch has not been announced, as the company says it is contacting customers to test it first, and the US company has also stressed that the new product will enter the commercial market by 2022.

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