Switch Switch launched powerful portable external speakers

A Switch  brand new speakers latest wireless audio technology suitable for a comfortable lifestyle of the United Arab Emirates  Sound Blaster Wireless Switch the WS- the Ultra 60 Watt. If you are looking for a speaker that accompanies you during exercise or barbecues in the yard, or to use it during work or when going to the beach, then the WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Switch is indispensable for the following reasons:

The battery life is long lasting

Is there anything more annoying than hanging out in the middle of the desert for a barbeque party with great company, great food and cheerful music, and then suddenly the music stops? We know that feeling, right ?!

With the WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Switch, you will never have to worry about this problem happening again as it features a 7,200mAh rechargeable battery that gives you a runtime of up to 10 hours.

Sounds super sweet

The amplifier has a power output of 60 watts, and there are two full-range internal amplifiers and two internal low frequency amplifiers for an impressive listening experience. The WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Speaker supports a completely wire-free design, meaning that if two WS-Ultra 60W wireless speakers were found in place, they would communicate with each other to obtain amplified stereo sound.

It's more than just music

Not only is the WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Speaker a way to amplify music, it also comes with a built-in microphone to allow hands-free calls to take place, so the days when you have to reconnect your device after each call are gone. This is not all that the speaker offers, it also comes with a built-in phone charger, so if you are on your way and your phone battery is about to run out, the WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Speaker is there to keep your phone charged.

Provides connectivity at its brightest

There are many ways to connect your devices to the WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Speaker via the AUX cable that comes with the speaker or even via a USB controller. With all these connectivity options, there are countless ways to enjoy the greatest hits.

Portable design

The sleek design is built to last in every situation. With handlebar and shoulder strap for easy portability and IPX6 waterproofing, you don't have to worry about splashing some water on it or taking it out in unexpected rain. The WS-Ultra 60W Wireless Speaker also comes in three amazing colors to choose from, including classic black, camo green or the unique camo pink.

The Wireless WS-Ultra 60W Speaker is available here and starts at AED 399.

About Switch

The switch is an outlet for targeted and customized technology devices that are created and designed in whatever way the customer wants. Switch offers the most amazing technological accessories, starting from sound, power and modern devices, and this includes cooperation with international brands of accessories to provide customized alternatives including Apple, Anker, Huawei, Sure, and many more! Have you ever purchased a product and wished there was some way to customize it and make it your own so that your accessories add to your creative side? This is exactly what the unique Hardware Customizer ™ tool offers. Individuals can buy their products from Switch or offer their own and the team will bring any idea of ​​it to life. This is where creativity and exclusivity meet technology.

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