The Galaxy S21 series update brings Portrait mode to the standard lenses

Samsung has launched a new software update for the Galaxy S21 series phones, which comes with a set of improvements, including support for the standard Portrait phones with lenses. The Korean giant has begun to push the G99xxXXU2AUC8 update in the Indian market, which applies a set of improvements for the camera in particular, provided that this update supports users of Galaxy S21 phones, Galaxy S21 Plus and also Galaxy S21 Ultra. The update is scheduled to launch with a capacity of 1 GB, and it also comes with improvements in performance, with the push of the Portrait mode in the standard lenses to join a set of features presented in phones when it was launched the first time, which includes Director View, and portrait mode night photography.

The portrait feature in the Galaxy S21 series has been limited so far to telephoto lenses or distinctive wide-angle lenses, while Sammobile confirmed that Samsung is expanding the style to include standard lenses as well. Expectations indicate that Samsung plans to push this update in other markets during the coming period, and Samsung through this release provides protection updates for April 2021.

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