Xiaomi unveils the first foldable phone Mi Mix Fold at a price of $ 1520

Xiaomi unveiled the company's first version of the Mi Mix Fold, which features the largest screen size of 8.01 inches and comes at a price of $ 1520.

Xiaomi launched the first version of Mi Mix Fold phones with a 8.1-inch OLED screen, 1440 Plus display resolution, 4: 3 dimensions, desktop style, and a screen that supports customization of more than one size by swiping on the screen with three fingers. The phone is designed in the "U" shape of the screen separators, weighing 27% lighter compared to other versions of foldable phones.

The Mi Mix Fold has passed screen-folding tests up to 200,000 times, and then the phone has been tested up to a million times of folding, and the OLED phone screen supports HDR10 Plus technology, and also supports Dolby Vision, with distinctive colors with higher accuracy by DCI-P3 standards.

The screen also supports 600 nit brightness and the screen reaches the highest brightness to 900 nit, and the Mi Mix Fold external screen of 6.52 inches features an OLED screen, distinctive with a resolution of 840 by 2520 pixels, and dimensions of 27: 9, and the screen also supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz, The touch rate of 180 Hz, and the brightness of 650 nit, the screen also supports HDR10 Plus content and Dolby Vision.

The phone includes an image processing chip developed from Xiaomi Surge C1, which supports algorithm 3A with auto focus feature, auto exposure and automatic white balance, which supports saving energy consumption in the phone.

The camera on the Mi Mix Fold also includes liquid lens technology that is provided for the first time in smartphones, which supports changing the shape of the lenses to simulate the vision of the user's eye, and the lenses work thanks to a motor and the liquid lenses can support work efficiently at temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 degrees.

The lens technology in the Mi Mix Fold can support adjusting the zoom from 3 times to 30 times optical zoom, with a focal length equivalent to 80 mm at the maximum lens width, with a focus of 3 cm for photographing macro shots.

The sensor for liquid lenses features an 8 mega-pixel camera, while the 108 mega-pixel ISOCELL HM2 main sensor comes with 7P lenses, and supports the technology of integrating 9 pixels into one pixel in a larger size, 2.1 ┬Ám, and the camera settings also include a 13 mega-pixel sensor with viewing angles 123 ° wide, f / 2.4 aperture.

The Mi Mix Fold features a 5020 mAh battery, supports 67W fast charging technology, the phone also supports the Snapdragon 888 processor chip, LPDDR5 standards in random memory, and also UFS 3.1 in storage capacity, where the main model of the phone comes with a random memory of 12 GB RAM And a storage capacity of 256 GB.

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