A new report confirms the start of mass production of the Apple M2 chip

The latest reports confirm that the tech giant Apple has already begun mass production of the company's new generation of chipset called M2. Apple introduced the M1 processor chip, which is the first version of the company's processor chips during the last period, and the chip has already supported a group of the company's devices, and the latest iPad Pro devices have also been launched with the M1 processor.

Once again, Apple is preparing to launch the new M2 upgrade, as a report published today revealed the start of mass production of the new chip already this month.

The report, published by Nikkei Asia, according to sources familiar with Apple's plans, also indicated that Apple is preparing to ship the new M2 processor chip at the beginning of July, to support new versions of MacBooks that go on sale in the market in the second half of this year.

Also, previous leaks indicated Apple's plans to launch new versions of MacBooks that come in 14 and 16-inch sizes and the company's own processors in the coming period.

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